what we do

  • Working to commission, all work is hand sculpted and bespoke. The collections range from suspended installations, to framed wall pieces, and free standing sculpture.
  • Each piece is designed and hand crafted to work with a clients specifications. Commissions are tailored to the interest of the client and quoted on a bespoke basis.
  • Suspended Sculptures are quoted on based on the number and density of the clusters involved in the design, taking into account the interior space, the length of the suspended drop, the width required to fill with clusters, and the technical fixtures.
  • Framed pieces can be commissioned with a range of choices, from number of layers of porcelain, dimension of composition, all Fine Art framed in a range of wood finishes, or a choice of Plexiglas. 


Galleries, Private and Corporate Clients, and a range of Industry Professionals such as Interior Designers, Architects, Engineers, Fine Art Frame Fabricators and professional Crating and Art Handling teams.  Each project engages the relevant professional to consult on the project. 

For large suspended interior installations, depending on scale and interior environment, we consult with Architects and Engineers to review the interior and technicalities of a project, looking at weight and load bearing factors to provide the most appropriate technical solutions to suspend the work minimally. 

For wall mounted pieces we work with Fine Art Frame Fabricators to house the porcelain, consulting with the client to offer a range of wood or plexiglass finishes to display the work. 

For International commissions the process is managed by a team of Fine Art Handlers. It is professionally crated and flown to your destination, with a Fine Art Handling service available upon arrival.