Jennifer is an Artist specialising in sculptural porcelain, predominantly creating site specific installations and wall pieces. Suspended sculptures consist of multiple hand formed pieces of porcelain, with most encompassing several hundred to thousands of individual pieces. All work is made by hand in Jennifer's studio and investigates thinness of form, light, shadow and movement through tactile forms that are inspired by the natural world.

Hand formed paper thin porcelain is created exploring folds, creases, and crevices which once clustered together create larger sculptural forms and interior landscapes. By working the porcelain into paper thin forms, Jennifer explores the dichotomy of the porcelain's strength with its delicate aesthetic.  Drawn to porcelain for its purity of colour and its ability to transmit light when worked in thin layers, the porcelain is predominantly left unglazed, allowing delicate light to pass through the porcelain creating a myriad of tones and casting beguiling shadows onto it's surrounding environment.

Graduating with a First Class Honours in 3D Design in 2002, from Staffordshire University, UK, in the heart of the ceramic industry, Jennifer then gained a Masters Degree and moved to London managing design studios and working with a variety of clients, before establishing her own studio in London working on commissions for National and International clients. 

In addition to running the studio, Jennifer expanded her design expertise training as an Art Lecturer, and has taught in a range of educational institutes from Universities to Colleges and private tuition.  Relocating to her husbands home town of Melbourne, Australia, Jennifer re-established the studio and creates work for clients both within Australia and Worldwide.